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Un-named but not forgotten

I took this picture in a rough neighborhood in South Sacramento known as Oak Park. During the beginning of the recession when gas was $5 a gallon, people like the woman in this picture were broke and had no hope. We all felt the hit financially but for people who struggle with everyday living the recession and the extremely high gas prices took its toll.

Artist Bio:

Professional photographer for 2 years and my vision is unique. My perspective is real with a goal to bring out the best truth in each individual. My mind visualizes it, my eyes arrange it, my camera exalts it. I see things. I know images, but I desire you. Your face, your moments, your expressions. How beautiful is love? How peaceful are children? I capture it all. So, feel free to be imperfect. Know that my eyes do not judge. Jasmine Renee’ is my name and photography is who I am

Jasmine Renee

Jasmine Renee