Celebrate every day!

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Rainbow Girl photo can be found at dreamstime.
I admit it. I’m guilty of jumping at any chance to celebrate. Birthdays, holidays, accomplishments, relationships, you name it. Why does there have to be a reason to celebrate? And if there really does need to be one, why not celebrate the good stuff every single day? Isn’t that what makes life worth living? Think about it. What moments really matter the most? For me, taking others to a higher level off happiness does it every time.
The way I see it, celebrating reminds us of what we have. It reinforces us to be happy and encourage the good things in our lives. We may not always feel up for it, but getting out of our own way and forcing ourselves to participate changes the direction we’re looking in to be able to see something good when what’s around us may not be.
Hard times are the hardest time to pull ourselves together to celebrate, but it’s when we need it most. Not to mention that we don’t get to pick and choose when we’re going to be there for loved ones.
What better way to inspire hope when looking for a job than celebrating a friend’s success at finding a position in her or his dream career? And how better to be aware of taking care of ourselves than to commend someone else for getting to their own goal in this arena?
Why do these moments have to be so few and far between? Let’s celebrate every day!

Let’s brainstorm! Try listing something you could celebrate every day for a week and how you could do it.

I’ve always known who I am. I write, I love the arts, I love people and I love travel. I’m passionate and need to fight for what I believe in. I never had a problem knowing who I am. My battle has been fighting the outside forces that would tell me I am wrong.
There’s only so long we can run from ourselves before surrendering and that’s where I am now. I’ve given into who I am and what I love. That is what you see here.

Bobbie White

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